My Time at ALF

One thing that definitely stands out in ALF is the sense of responsibility that all the members of the organization have. They don’t do their work because someone is telling them to, they do it because they genuinely care about whatever it is they are working on and want to see it reach its successful end. In my 4 weeks at ALF, I spent the majority of my time working with the litigation team. I knew that I had an interest in litigation and the type of work that ALF did only piqued my interest.

I was also allowed to tag along with the advocates when they went to court which was great as they took time to explain the nitty gritties of litigation that I will never be able to learn in law school. The kind of dedication that the associates have to their cases and their clients and the will that they have to uphold basic human rights is truly something that I found admirable and inspiring.

I also found the ALF space to be very conducive to just sitting and thinking. There are some great sayings and quotes all around the office. One of my favorites was right next to the kitchen sink which said, “Everyone wants a revolution, but nobody wants to do the dishes”. It was something I had not thought of before, how everyone wants social justice but only few are willing to practice it. ALF also hosts some very interesting events every week like movie screenings and discussions on mental health. Events like these resulted in me gaining so much more from the organization than I had expected.

ALF also works closely with transgenders and sex workers whose problems the rest of the society tend not to concern themselves with. I was lucky enough to get to attend meetings and even go for events like Transgender day and in the process I learnt a great deal about these members of our community who are marginalized and also just got be around some really great people.

Everyone who works at ALF is also incredibly friendly and easy to talk to and this made working at ALF very comfortable. I have gained a lot from my experience at ALF and even though I may be done with my internship here, I am certain that I will keep coming back as there is just so much that ALF has to offer.

By Deeksha Katarki, Intern ALF