BBPV Demands #BusBhagyaBeku

The Bengaluru Bus Prayaanikara Vedike, in collaboration with Citizens of Bengaluru conducted several events in March, seeking #BusBhagyaBeku. This was a campaign asking the State Government to provide financial support to BMTC in order to enable better transport services in Bangalore. The demand of the campaign was to ‘halve the fares and double the fleet’. There was a protest held on March 4th, which is observed as the ‘Bus Day’, where hundreds of citizens travelled by bus to Shantinagar bus station, along with several celebrities like Shraddha Shrinath, Bruce Lee Mani, Vasanthi Hariprakash, and others who were supporting the cause. There was a consultation held on the needs of the people for transport called ‘Janara Budget Goshti’ on March 12th, where testimonies from various communities of students, elderly, garment workers, sex workers, gender and sexuality minorities, among others were taken.

However, the State Government in its budget promised to buy 3,000 buses. There was no financial support announced to BMTC, in terms of paying back road tax, motor vehicles tax, taxes levied on spare parts, among others which would substantially help BMTC provide better services to ordinary citizens. BBPV feels that better public transport system leads to no traffic congestion and lesser air pollution, which is a win for the city and its residents.

By Lekha KG