Friday|21 November|5-7PM|Kabir Kala Manch

Kabir Kala Manch will perform today at St. Aloysius Degree College Auditorium, No. 585, Assaye Road, Cox Town, Bangalore Land Mark: Behind Indian Gymkhana Club | 5:00-7:00 pm | Stand by the group in solidarity and protest against such blatant censorship and disruptive forces desperate to crush alternative spaces and voices.
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The Kabir Kala Manch arrived from Pune today to perform at Nirankusha: Fearless Speak festival. KKM spent yesterday recording songs in a faraway studio in Bangalore. One of the songs was written by Deepak Dhengale while he was in jail. The chorus sang along with conviction: “Tod do Tod do, Jaati Ki Janjire, Waqt ab mang raha, bharpur chot”.

As we were just about to finish, we found out that the Police warned St. Josephs’ about allowing the performance to go on, indicating that it may be disrupted by right wing elements. As a consequence, the event was cancelled there. Fr. Ambrose Pinto of St. Aloysius College, agreed to host KKM at such short notice.
As for KKM, they were calm on hearing this, and are excited to perform nonetheless. One of the members said, “We are used to this, it’s ironic that they are threatened by us. Nothing can stop us from singing.”
Their songs will be sung, come what may. Help us spread the word.
Organised by Alternative Law Forum, Maraa, Komu Souharada Vedike, Pedestrian Pictures, Vimochana, Fedina, Jana Sahayog, PUCL (Karnataka), People’s Democratic Forum,Tipu Sultan United Front, Janashakti, Slum Janandolana Karnataka

Entry is free and everyone is invited!

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