Single Credit Seminar Course on Human Rights Lawyering: Principles and Practices National Law School of India, 16-20 March 2015 Traditional teaching on human rights focuses on textual traditions such as Universal [...]
Recently, a doctor in Delhi committed suicide when she found out that her husband was gay. Her suicide note indicates that she also faced mental harassment from her husband. In late 2014, a dentist in Bangalore, on [...]
Since arriving at the Alternative Law Forum nearly a month ago, my research efforts have focused primarily on how India might approach unifying existing laws that provide redress for marginalized groups.  As is the [...]
In the past few weeks, net neutrality has spiralled from an obscure term of concern only to telecom and Internet companies to a major topic that sparks off innumerable passions about peoples’ personal perception of [...]
On April 24, the Rajya Sabha passed a private member’s bill which provides a comprehensive rights framework for transgender persons. This is a victory of staggering magnitude — not only was it voted in unanimously, [...]
A few years ago, when some members of Hasiru Usiru wanted to have a meeting in Traffic Park on St Marks Road, the guard asked us to leave because the park closes at 6pm. This park had been handed over to a realty group [...]
Part I AAP's commitment towards the politics of change is on test: will it decriminalise homosexuality by amendment, if not outright repeal of Section 377 of the IPC? AAP's landslide victory in New Delhi has meant [...]
Last week, India became the sixth country to see the launch of, the outcome of a Facebook tie-up with Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communications. is a service that promises to bring the internet [...]
The present political dispensation hinting that they would go by the unamended version of the preamble (which did not have the words socialist and secular in it) has stirred the pot of controversy. The intellectual [...]
Ever since rumours regarding the Indian launch of app by Facebook in a tie-up with Reliance were confirmed, there has been lively speculation about whether the move is a violation of net neutrality. The app [...]