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Towards gender [...]
Paryāya ಪರ್ಯಾಯ February [...]
My internship at Alternative Law Forum was generally a very fulfilling experience for me, because, firstly, my area of interest overlapped with the work and secondly, the comfortable and free environment created by the [...]
The first and foremost work was to look into the intersectionality between law and internet. It was also an attempt to develop an understanding into the same because of growing pervasiveness of the ‘internet’ in our [...]
Breathing Life Into The Constitution 2016 [...]
The questionnaire released by the Law Commission of India to initiate a debate on the uniform civil code (UCC) is problematic on various fronts. The aim of the questionnaire, as stated by the law commission, is to seek [...]
 After relentless struggle of more than three years demanding for better wages, the BBMP Guttige Pourakarmikara Sangha (BBMP Contract Pourakarmika Union – affiliated with AICCTU) was successful in compelling the [...]
Censor Me [...]
What is racism? Talking heads have spent a lot of time debating this over the last couple of days, with some claiming that race opens a Pandora’s Box, and others claiming that such a box needs to be opened. But what [...]