Article by Lawrence Liang published in Sarai Reader 03 on law and technology. Ghost in the [...]
Sensuous Similarities Lawrence Liang 16th April 2008 Indian Express It would be difficult not to be enthusiastic about the recent two crore settlement between the Roshans and composer Ram Sampath, who alleged [...]
Article by Mayur Suresh Atreyee Majumder Lawrence Liang (First Printed for Sarai/ ALF / Hivos workshop on Intellectual Property, Social Knowledge and Conflict, and then published on the web by [...]
Article by Lawrence Liang on Rajnikant's attempt at protecting his sign. Published in Seminar, May 2003. Conceptualizing Law and Culture: Rajnikant and the Sign of our [...]
What is copyright? What is copyleft? How can we share culture in a world where everything has a license? Scientists, writers, designers, artists, musicians and others are increasingly interested in making their work [...]
Article by Lawrence Liang first published by Piet Zwart Institute. Introduction The CD Writer as a weapon of mass destruction In the past few years the debate on copyright has taken on gigantic proportions, [...]
This paper examines the link between ideas of personhood and self that underlies western liberal property regimes. It attempts to understand the manner in which thinkers like Locke create a co-terminus between the [...]
In furtherance of ALF's efforts to make law accessible to marginalized groups this is a collection of Laws presented in a simplified form, to be used for training by Activists. The manual originated from a feeling [...]