This section contains teaching modules being developed as part of the MPL Project. These modules explore specific aspects of media law and media policy, and are conducted in both Instruction and Workshop modes. The [...]
Executive Summary Executive Summary of Mapping Digital Media [...]
Project Overview Mapping Media Policy and Law occupies the terrain of research, pedagogy & advocacy on Media Policy & Law (MPL) in India. The central objective of the project is to promote MPL as both, an academic [...]
Report by Katherine Gibson, intern from Yale Law School at ALF. FAQs concerning the Copyright Amendment of [...]
A collaborative project between ALF and the Centre for Culture, Media and Governance. This section includes an overview of the project, pedagogical material, documents and case laws related to media policy and law as [...]
Srishti (Ad-Anhad) Judgement The recent Delhi High Court judgement upholding the constitutional right to freedom of speech of expression in a case related to the censorship of Ad-Anhad(Bounded-Boundless), a film by [...]
An Overview of Broadcasting Legislation in India. An Overview of Broadcasting Legislation in [...]
This set of documents has been put together in the hope that they will help inform the ongoing (if sporadic) public debate on media regulation in India, with particular reference to the broadcast sector. They include a [...]
Article on Dalit studies and law by Manoranjini. Dalit studies and [...]