Namita Malhotra

Report by EroTICs India on February 19, [...]
The final in our series of remashing the WIPO comics, this ones looks at the signs around us. Untrademark [...]
A subversive remixing of WIPO's patent comic. Comic on [...]
A comic that talks about copying as culture, and how art, music and other forms of creativity rely on copying. This comic is a rescension/parody/counterdrama of the comic published by the World Intellectual Property [...]
A remix of the Brokeback Mountain trailer set to the Indian context Brokeback Bharat, a campaign film against Sec. 377 of the Indian Penal Code [...]
When a Jain priest, Vijayratna Sunder Suri and Rajya Sabha MP, Mr. Vijay J Darda presented a petition before the RS in July 2013 calling for criminalisation of cyber pornography, Lawrence Liang, Namita Malhotra and [...]