A summary of the 12 days of final arguments before the Delhi High Court in the Naz Foundation case has been provided in the following document. An edited version of this summary has also been included in the primer "The [...]
Alternative Law Forum was involved in the Naz Foundation decision case by the Delhi High Court, representing Voices against 377. This section contains various documents which are useful signposts leading up to the High [...]
The horrific sexual assault on a moving bus in Delhi which has shocked the nation has drawn attention to the prevalence of the crime of sexual assault. What has also emerged into the limelight are the huge gaps in the [...]
The ALF-SARAI Collaboration on “Intellectual Property and the Knowledge / Culture commons” For much of its history intellectual property research and practice was considered a niche area of property law, properly [...]
Papamma, a domestic worker in Bangalore, took her employers to court and managed to receive a favourable judgment. This is a historic victory for perhaps the most vulnerable segment of unorganised workers, made possible [...]
The Indian Government is planning to amend the Copyright Act 1957. We have drafted a critique and response to the proposed amendment, and forwarded the same to the government of India. In this folder you can find all [...]
2003 Draft of the Proposed Patent Amendment. The 2004 Draft is still not available on the web.(So much for public debate on the issue) 2003 Draft of Proposed Amendment to Patent [...]
This brief fact sheet provides you all the basic information that you need about the proposed amendment to the Patents Act. Information Sheet on Patent [...]