Law, Media and Culture

In the first session of the reading group, we discussed the possibilities of law and literature, starting with one basic question: Why engage with this school of thought at all? What is the value of taking two seemingly [...]
Last Monday, we at ALF initiated a Law and Literature Reading Group. Open to anyone, people from both legal and non-legal backgrounds participated. This post hopes to summarise some of the themes which were discussed [...]
On 27 March 2015, TRAI released a consultation paper seeking public comments on the Regulation of OTT Services. ALF submitted both comments and countercomments in the same regard. These are below. ALF [...]
In the past few weeks, net neutrality has spiralled from an obscure term of concern only to telecom and Internet companies to a major topic that sparks off innumerable passions about peoples’ personal perception of [...]
In an insightful tweet, the renowned lawyer and former additional solicitor general, Indira Jaising tweeted “Shreya, this could only have been done by a below 30’s generation, congratulations for getting Sec. 66A [...]
Last week, India became the sixth country to see the launch of, the outcome of a Facebook tie-up with Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communications. is a service that promises to bring the internet [...]
Ever since rumours regarding the Indian launch of app by Facebook in a tie-up with Reliance were confirmed, there has been lively speculation about whether the move is a violation of net neutrality. The app [...]
The following article by Smarika Kumar was first published in The Hoot. In December 2014, Airtel decided to charge a differential tariff on VOIP calls (Voice on Internet Protocol calls, such as those made possible by [...]
One of the hallmarks of absurdity - especially as manifested by government policies - is its ability to confuse our reactions, provoking umbrage when it ought to provoke raucous laughter. The Central Board of Film [...]
Smarika Kumar writes her views on the strong hold of monopolies of media in India. An edited version of the following first appeared on While walking to work today, I saw an advertisement for CNBC-TV18 [...]