Land, Urban, and Development

An analysis of the Nandini Sundar judgment where the Supreme Court ordered that the state of Chhattisgarh disband Special Police Officers and looked at the issue of state support to vigilante groups. This piece was [...]
An Article by B N Jagadeesha on rehabilitation. Laws That Lack [...]
An examination of the exclusionary politics of of law and language in the Narmada case by Clifton Rozario …bolti band! - clifton d’ rozario …contexts Luharia Shankaria is probably one of [...]
An article by K Balagopal examining the debate on violence in social movements. Beyond Violence and [...]
As is now well known, the Government of Orissa and Pohang Steel Company (POSCO), Republic of Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on June 22, 2005 for setting up an Integrated Steel Plant in Orissa, in [...]

Article by Clifton Rozario examining the excessive focus on the IT industry in Bangalore.

This module is part of the course on The Illegal Citizen. In this module of the seminar course, we intend to interrogate certain fundamental issues surrounding law and its application towards an understanding of, [...]
A course that examines the relationship between citizenship, participation and illegality. It consists of two modules. 1. Module on Sexual Citizens 2. Module on Claiming the [...]