Intellectual Property

What is copyright? What is copyleft? How can we share culture in a world where everything has a license? Scientists, writers, designers, artists, musicians and others are increasingly interested in making their work [...]
Article by Lawrence Liang first published by Piet Zwart Institute. Introduction The CD Writer as a weapon of mass destruction In the past few years the debate on copyright has taken on gigantic proportions, [...]
This paper examines the link between ideas of personhood and self that underlies western liberal property regimes. It attempts to understand the manner in which thinkers like Locke create a co-terminus between the [...]
A letter and signature campaign against CII's involvement with the Third International Conference on Counterfeiting and Piracy This is with reference to a signature campaign that we are currently undertaking to [...]
Flowchart Comparing Mashelkar Committee Report and INTERPAT Flowchart Comparing Mashelkar Committe and INTERPAT Chapter from [...]
The Indian Government is planning to amend the Copyright Act 1957. We have drafted a critique and response to the proposed amendment, and forwarded the same to the government of India. In this folder you can find all [...]
An international conference was organized in collaboration with Sarai in Delhi between 6th-8th January 2005 which brought leading IP scholars to discuss the idea of "Contested Commons and Trespassing Publics," as part [...]
Fact Sheet and Myths about Pharmaceutical [...]
2003 Draft of the Proposed Patent Amendment. The 2004 Draft is still not available on the web.(So much for public debate on the issue) 2003 Draft of Proposed Amendment to Patent [...]
Draft letter template to the PM urging him to consider the impact of the amendment on access to drugs. We urge you to send this letter to the Prime Minister. Draft Letter to the [...]