Intellectual Property

This piece by Lawrence Liang was first published in the Economic and Political Weekly on 22 November 2014. Insights on Film [...]
Dear all, You are invited for the screening of the movie 'Internet's Own Boy' at 2.00pm tomorrow (21st September, 2014) being hosted by People's Union for Civil Liberties, Free Software Movement, Karnataka, and [...]
The State of Karnataka has amended the Goonda Act to bring "habitual offenders" concerning cybercrimes and copyright under the legislation. The Goonda Act is an extremely regressive piece of legislation stemming from [...]
Presentation made by Smarika Kumar at the National Seminar on Copyright organised by National Book Trust and Sahitya Akademi on World Book and Copyright Day in Calcutta University on 23rd April 2014. The Problem [...]
Report by Katherine Gibson, intern from Yale Law School at ALF. FAQs concerning the Copyright Amendment of [...]
The final in our series of remashing the WIPO comics, this ones looks at the signs around us. Untrademark [...]
A subversive remixing of WIPO's patent comic. Comic on [...]
A comic that talks about copying as culture, and how art, music and other forms of creativity rely on copying. This comic is a rescension/parody/counterdrama of the comic published by the World Intellectual Property [...]
A Sarai/CSDS (Delhi) and Hivos (Bangalore) Workshop, " Intellectual Property, Social Knowledge and Conflict" was organised in collaboration with Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore) between 20-21 November 2003, as part of [...]
The ALF-SARAI Collaboration on “Intellectual Property and the Knowledge / Culture commons” For much of its history intellectual property research and practice was considered a niche area of property law, properly [...]