Gender and Sexuality

A remix of the Brokeback Mountain trailer set to the Indian context Brokeback Bharat, a campaign film against Sec. 377 of the Indian Penal Code [...]
A lecture by Supreme Court judge, Justice Sadashivam on the rights of transgender persons. The lecture was for civil judges and delivered on 12 January 2011. Rights of Transgender People- Sensitising Officers to [...]
Article by Lawrence Liang on the Naz Foundation decision comparing it to Roe v. Wade. First published on Kafila. [...]
Article by Siddharth Narrain on Media Coverage of the Naz Foundation decision by the Delhi High Court. It was first published on Infochange Media. [...]
Paper by Arvind Narrain on the emerging right to sexual orientation and gender identity. Introduction During the last decade of the 20th century in India, the hitherto private realm of sexuality emerged as a focal [...]
The following document is a submission to the Soli Sorabjee Committee set up to reform the Police Act. This submission was made by 39 civil society organizations working in the area of gender, sexuality and rights and [...]
Paper on queer women and Indian law by Ponni Arasu and Priya Thangarajah. Queer Women and the Law in [...]
Issues of sexuality remain inextricably linked to questions of both health and human rights. The discourses surrounding health have had a deeply contradictory impact on the human rights of “queer” people in the [...]
Book by Arvind Narrain that serves as an analytical introduction to law and sexuality in India. It is also a useful guide for activists and scholars interested in working in the area or needing to contact groups. [...]
Article by Arvind Narrain and Vinay Chandran covering a queer critique on the medicalisation of homosexuality. It's Not My Job To Tell You It's Okay To Be [...]