Gender and Sexuality

Session 10 of the Law and Literature reading group had Danish Sheikh discussing the role of Shakespeare in unraveling Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalises "unnatural acts". You can play an audio [...]
The Court recounts James Obergefell’s struggle to be listed as the surviving spouse on his partner’s death certificate, the uncertainty that an unmarried status created in the lives of April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse [...]
Place: Ashir Bhavan, Cochin Date: 25/06/2015 and 26/06/2015 The two day session was facilitated by Gowthaman Ranganathan from the Alternative Law Forum (ALF), Bangalore. ALF is a collective of young human rights [...]
The Rajya Sabha passed the Transgender Rights Bill in April 2015. The following primer prepared by Danish Sheikh of ALF for Orinam offers a guide to it. A Primer on the Transgender Bill Published on : 5 May [...]
Recently, a doctor in Delhi committed suicide when she found out that her husband was gay. Her suicide note indicates that she also faced mental harassment from her husband. In late 2014, a dentist in Bangalore, on [...]
On April 24, the Rajya Sabha passed a private member’s bill which provides a comprehensive rights framework for transgender persons. This is a victory of staggering magnitude — not only was it voted in unanimously, [...]
Non-normative Sexualities in India  and the Invocation of the Nation in  Legal Narratives: Following Naz,  Koushal and NALSA Cases by Madhavi Shivaprasad The talk follows the discourse of sexuality as it appears [...]
Rajya Sabha passes Transgenders bill aimed to uplift community Rajya Sabha on Friday passed The Rights of Transgender Persons Bill 2014 with members from across the political spectrum joining hands to demand that the [...]
Part I AAP's commitment towards the politics of change is on test: will it decriminalise homosexuality by amendment, if not outright repeal of Section 377 of the IPC? AAP's landslide victory in New Delhi has meant [...]
International Women's Day Come, walk with us... To light a torch of peace in the darkness of violence To sow the seeds of love and weed out the roots of hate To sing the rain-song of compassion in the barrenness of [...]