“We Must Not Make A Scarecrow of the Law” Section 377 as Shakespearean Comedy  on Friday, the 7th of August at 6 pm. About the Talk The law and ideas of justice play an essential role in much of [...]
In light of the many farmer suicides being reported in Karnataka recently, a discussion will be held on what has prompted these suicides and also what can be done by all of us.  The government is brushing off its [...]
Dynamics of inclusion and exclusion of Dalit forest dwelling communities in the making of the Forests Act Friday the 10th of July at 6 pm About the Talk The Forest Rights Act came into being in 2006 as a [...]
UNFREEDOM, directed by Raj Amit Kumar, deals with questions of religious fundamentalism, homophobia, Islamophobia and violent extremism. Issues that are important to Indians and demands to be highlighted and discussed [...]
ALF is offering scholarships for the second batch of the Gender Sexuality and the Law Course, that will be held on the 4th and 5th of July 2015. This opportunity is available because of our successful crowd funding [...]
For years, some creatures have struck us as myths, bad omens, ill luck creatures we have don't quite know.  as we delve into tomorrow with the memory of violence we present SHE IS NOT ASLEEP four films [...]
On the occasion of the completion of 1 year of the NDA government, a group of organisations and individuals, including Central Trade Unions, NGOs, Human Rights groups have come together to expose the bitter truths of [...]
Dear All, We invite you for a talk by N. Jayaram, commemorating one of the greatest anti death penalty judgments in the world by the South African Constitutional Court. Day: Friday the 5th of June 2015 Time: 6 [...]
You are invited to the book release of 'Passion for Justice: Mukul Sinha's Pioneering Work' a collection of interviews and writings on his life and work, published by Friends of Mukul Sinha. Mukul Sinha, who [...]
The Alternative Law Forum cordially invites everyone to the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of ALF. The collective acknowledges its journey, support and the incredible collaborative work it has been a part of. We [...]