Fair Work, Domestic Work An ALF campaign to raise awareness amongst youth of domestic worker issues, and initiate [...]
A letter and signature campaign against CII's involvement with the Third International Conference on Counterfeiting and Piracy This is with reference to a signature campaign that we are currently undertaking to [...]
Flowchart Comparing Mashelkar Committee Report and INTERPAT Flowchart Comparing Mashelkar Committe and INTERPAT Chapter from [...]
Fact Sheet and Myths about Pharmaceutical [...]
Draft letter template to the PM urging him to consider the impact of the amendment on access to drugs. We urge you to send this letter to the Prime Minister. Draft Letter to the [...]
This information pack contains all necessary information about the Proposed Patents (3rd Amendment) Act which you can use for your campaign. 1. Information Sheet on Patent Amendment(2005) 2.Draft letter to the [...]
PRICES OF MEDICINES WILL SOON RISE- ACT NOW OR PAY LATER!! AFFORDABLE MEDICINES AND TREATMENT CAMPAIGN (AMTC) Four years ago, millions of people living with HIV/AIDS could not afford the price of [...]