11 December 2014 marks one year of Re-Criminalisation of LGBT lives by the Supreme Court of India. This booklet is the product of the collective labours of a number of people including those who testified about their [...]
11 December 2014. It is a now a full year after the Supreme Court's decision to recriminalise the intimate lives of LGBT people and reintroduce Sec 377. The verdict saw an unprecedented mobilisation of our community [...]
Namita Aavriti of the Alternative Law Forum speaking on the petition filed in the Supreme Court seeking a ban on online pornography from the prism of freedom of speech and privacy laws. She was speaking at the "Tangled, [...]
Subsequent to the private settlement agreement made by Penguin India in February 2014 to withdraw from circulation and to pulp all copies of Wendy Doniger's book, "The Hindus: An Alternative History," Lawrence Liang of [...]
Dear All, Despite our repeated demands, and assurances made by BMTC, no steps have been taken to extend Black Board bus services to the whole of BBMP limits. which means that lakhs of commuters continue to pay an [...]
ALF's comments on the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting's draft Cinematograph Act 2010. These comments have been endorsed by a number of groups and organisations including Vikalp (Films for Freedom) and the [...]
The following are comments that we have drafted on the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting's proposed Broadcasting Bill and Content Code. The Ministry has invited responses to the proposed Broadcasting Bill [...]
Times of India reports on the service of legal notice to Penguin India for agreeing to destroy all copies of Wendy Doniger's book, "The [...]
The following is an open letter signed by a number of academics supporting the Delhi High Court decision in the Naz Foundation Case. University teachers, researchers and academics from all over India issued a strong [...]
The Fearless Karnataka campaign arose out of attacks on women following the Pink Chaddi Campaign in February 2009. It responded to attacks on women in Bangalore. Fearless Karnataka Press [...]