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Book Launch with Author Sabah Khan and Illustrator Neelima P Aryan- The Queen, The Courtesan, The Doctor, The Writer – 50 Inspiring stories of Muslims

Friday Forum

Alternative Law Forum and Parcham invites you to join us for the book release: The Queen, The Courtesan, The Doctor, The Writer
50 Inspiring stories of Muslims on the 17th of February at 6 pm at Alternative Law Forum

About the book

This book is a celebration of a legacy of rebellion, resilience and reform. Through its stories, it challenges the Muslim stereotype of an anti-national, tyrannical men obsessed with religion and subjugated, voiceless women. This book reminds us of radical contributions of Muslims in the making of India. Fatima Sheikh in the 1800s took on the task of teaching young girls, enduring violence for this radical act. Azizunnisa, a courtesan, trained women in martial arts to fight the British during the 1857 rebellion. Four generations of Begums of Bhopal brought radical reforms in administration of the State, water networks and the first steam locomotive to Bhopal. The freedom fighter, Maulana Hasrat Mohani, who gave us the slogan Inqualab Zindabad, wrote poetry in praise of Krishna. And many others like them feature in this book which we hope serves a reminder of a history that has been forgotten.

About the Author 

Sabah Khan is a feminist activist, whose interests are Minority rights with a focus on women. 

She has been a member of the ‘Muslim Women’s Rights’ Network’, a group advocating Gender Just laws since its inception in 1999. She is co founder of Parcham, an organization committed to a just world, respectful of diversity. Parcham is best known for introducing the football initiative for adolescent girls in Muslim ghettos.

She mentors youth from vulnerable communities in taking leadership towards social action. She is editor of Urooj, a newsletter of the secular voice of Muslim youth. She was a speaker at a TEDx event, speaking about Changing the World, one friendship at a time.

Sabah has worked for more than two decades with developmental organizations on issues of urban poverty and minority rights.

About the Illustrator

Neelima P Aryan is a graphic designer and illustrator who has been working with the not-for-profit sector and publishing industry for over fifteen years. As a queer feminist woman, her work over the years has been with organisations that focus on women’s issues, gender and sexuality rights, and other minority communities. Her graphic stories have been published in various offline and online publications.

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