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Researcher – Project: Combating Gender Based Violence


Researcher – Project: Combating Gender Based Violence

Much of the research into Gender-based Violence (GBV) focusses on domestic violence and sexual violence. Very little has been done to understand gender based violence against women from marginalised communities in public and work  spaces.

Therefore, we propose to look at GBV at the workplace, on social media and other public spaces. We will look at GBV faced by women working in informal spaces (for example street based sex workers, women employed in wedding halls etc), formal spaces (for example transport workers, cleaning workers) and  women in the gig economy. 

Similarly, while GBV online has been studied to some extent, its impact on women’s participation in public life has not been understood. We will look at the relationship between GBV online and women’s participation in public spaces. Online GBV has not been studied from the lens of criminal law and the underlying layers of misogyny and hatred. 

We will further look at the efficacy of various grievance redressal mechanisms (both platform-based and state systems).

This research will be Bangalore-based.

Call for Applications for the position of a Full-Time Researcher

Eligibility Criteria:

  • LLB graduates with 2-3 years of research experience
  • Masters in Social Sciences with 2-3 years of research experience
  • OR PhD in Social Sciences or relevant subjects
  • Must be proficient in English and spoken Kannada.

Please ensure to submit your filled form on or before December 20, 2023.

Preference will be given to candidates from marginalised communities.

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