Asserting Dignity In Times of COVID, A Report by Alternative Law Forum

Asserting Dignity in times of COVID: Transgender Community’s experience of Battling COVID in Bengaluru, Karnataka is report of more than 12 months of labour. It records the moving assertions of dignity made by the transgender community in Bengaluru in carrying out relief work. It raises important questions of, that in the midst of a pandemic is relief work charity?, What are the ethics of doing relief work?, What are the considerations the government must necessarily take in announcing such lockdowns?. The report provides a lens to think through these questions.

“In this report we have tried to capture the assertions of dignity of our community friends in the situation of unplanned lockdown, relief work, and post unlock. We also immensely thank all our marginalized genders and sexualities community people for not just speaking to us about these experiences but also sharing the emotions and feelings of our existence – a shared existence.”

– Rumi and Sunil

Asserting Dignity

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