Mapping Media Policy and Law

A collaborative project between ALF and the Centre for Culture, Media and Governance. This section includes an overview of the project, pedagogical material, documents and case laws related to media policy and law as well as student and research output. This material will be useful for students and teachers of law, media, social sciences and journalism.

The Project

    Mapping Media Policy and Law occupies the terrain of research, pedagogy & advocacy on Media Policy & Law (MPL) in India. The central objective of the project is to promote MPL as both, an academic field and a focal point of media advocacy in India. It aims to develop necessary knowledge on MPL in the country that would aide three principal stakeholders: academia, regulatory bodies & CSOs. In the long term, the aim is also to integrate MPL as a component of interdisciplinary teaching in Media Studies, Law and associated social sciences. The project has 3 principal components: Curriculum Development, Research Incubation and Disciplinary Advocacy.


This section contains teaching modules being developed as part of the MPL Project. These modules explore specific aspects of media law and media policy, and are conducted in both Instruction and Workshop modes. The modules on media law, developed by ALF, address Defamation, Obscenity, Sedition and Hate Speech and are directed at students in both media law and media studies. The modules approach media law from multiple perspectives, consolidating colonial history, legal doctrine and cultural studies. They are based on courses conducted in the M.S. programme in Communication Studies at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore and the MA programme in Media Governance at CCMG. The two modules on “Document Analysis” and “Policy Analysis”, developed by CCMG, are based on workshops conducted in its MA programme in ‘Media Governance’. Focusing on techniques in policy studies, these workshop modules are located respectively in the courses on “Policy Research & Evaluation” (III Semester) and on “regulation in Theory and Practice” (IV Semester).