Participation in Play – Demonstrating a Practicable Approach to People’s Participation in the Context of Policy Making during COVID-19

The lives and livelihoods of people across India were severely impacted due to the Covid 19 pandemic. While the government announced a slew of policy measures to address the same, critical analysis has shown that these measures were not adequate.There were significant gaps between policies and needs of vulnerable communities. Could participatory planning have ensured more responsive policy making?

In Anekal, Bagalur and Kolar, we used a game based approach (using the game ‘Ondhu Katheya Keli’ ) for people to share their stories and experiences during the pandemic and strategies to address those issues.

Given the gaps between policies and needs of vulnerable communities, the objective of this project was to demonstrate the need to take into account the lived realities of vulnerable communities when planning and implementing government processes to combat the predicted waves of  COVID-19 pandemic and indeed any such medical emergencies.

This work was a collaboration between Alternative Law Forum (ALF), Society for Informal Education and Development Studies (SIEDS) and Fields of View (FoV).

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