ALF nurtures a strong and vibrant intern community, providing the space to question and rethink some of the basic norms of legal practice. We take interns for regular on-site internships within the office space and volunteers for specific projects and campaigns.

Process of Application: Onsite Internships

Internships are for a duration of 4 to 6 weeks. As an intern, your work will be largely determined by contemporary engagements of the organisation. We will factor in any areas of interest that you communicate to us beforehand. The work is expected to go beyond legal research and writing, and will likely include activism and aspects of legal education. We do not accept applications from first or second year undergraduate students. An intern will have to apply at least 2 months in advance of the proposed date of work, providing the following information in the application. Subsequently, the Internship coordinator will respond one month before the stated starting date.

Mail your application to Manavi Atri at with subject titled “Application for Internship”, providing the following information:

  • Name:
  • Pronouns:
  • Address:
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Language Proficiency:
  • University:
  • Current year of study:
  • Proposed date of starting internship:
  • Duration of placement (in weeks):
  • Field of interest (litigation, research, conciliation, individual research project):
  • Statement of purpose (350 words):
  • Attach your Resume

Kindly Note:

  • All internships are subject to availability in ALF. On-site internships may include travelling if needed. 
  • If you have faced any issues during your internship/volunteering with ALF (including complaints concerning sexual harassment), please contact the ALF Internal Complaints Committee.