Alternative Law Forum’s statement with respect to media reports of sexual harassment concerning Lawrence Liang

Lawrence Liang left the Alternative Law Forum in March 2015. He has now ceased to be a member of ALF’s Governing Board.

ALF continues its commitment to progressive policies, and even in the recent past, has advised and worked with persons affected by violence and discrimination in all forms.

ALF does not have a special place or privilege for its founders, and all members of the collective are held accountable.

ALF is in the process of reviewing organisational policy to ensure that preventive and not merely punitive steps are taken towards addressing sexual harassment.

In every formal complaint of sexual harassment made to ALF, we have acted promptly. In cases where persons have not wished to pursue formal complaints, ALF has assured them of absolute impartiality and complete support in addressing their concerns.

We continue to remain committed to addressing the issue of sexual harassment.