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Film Screenings and Discussion led by Kishor Govinda – Short Films about the militarised attack against the Kurdish people in Syria and Iraq

Friday Forum

It has been one month since the state of Turkey launched the massive military Operation Claw-Lock, against the Kurdish people in Syria and Iraq. Special forces have gone to the mountains of Kurdistan, and bombing has continued day and night with the might of NATO behind it.

Operation Claw Lock is the latest in a series of manoeuvres by Turkey that began in 2019, which have led to hundreds of deaths. These manoeuvres violate the sovereignty of Iraq and Syria. They are an attack on the emergent political formations of the people in Rojava, Syria.

Rojava has gained international recognition for its unique and inspirational forms of grassroots democracy and its effective resistance to authoritarian, patriarchal and fundamentalist forces within Syria. Turkey has been using the cover of the Russian- Ukraine war to escalate its attacks on the Kurdish people.


Come join us on Saturday at 11 AM, for a film screening and discussion moderated by Kishor Govinda. Here are the films we will watch together:

1. Rojava: A democratic system in progress (17 minutes) – Interviews with people who have worked with the struggle. It gives an introduction to the unique system of politics in Rojava

2. Jinwar – Free Women’s Village Rojava (6 minutes) – This video is about Jinwar, a woman’s village where only women and children reside. The goal of the village was to create a space where women are autonomous. This will introduce the brands of ecology and feminism practices in the area.

3. Why did Turkey send troops to attack Iraqi territory? (9 min) – This is not a documentary but an animated video that gives a historical overview of Operation Claw Lock and the Kurdish movement.

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