16 November, Sunday, 5.30 PM| Theatre: Sudailamma

Sudalaiamma, a performance by Marapachi, a Chennai based theatre group is being organised in association with Maraa as the opening event of Nirankusha: Fearless, Speak. Inspired by Sophocles’ Antigone and the consistent un-defeated hope of the poorest and the marginalized in justice and law, the play features a female graveyard worker’s determination to give decent burial to a much beloved political activist’s encountered body. Depicting Sudalaiamma’s journey into her consciousness and reasoning, the performance touches her awareness of folly and injustice attached to death and at the same time the deep existential sense of human dignity and frailty. Marapachi dedicates the performance to Dr. K. Balagopal.

The performance features Playwriting by V.Geetha, Direction by A.Mangai, and Prema, Revathi, Janagi, Sampathkumar, Selvi, Sowmya as onstage performers.
Venue: Indian Social Institute Auditorium in Benson Town (Map)
Date: 16th November 2014
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Language: The play will be in Tamil, but will have English subtitles

The performance is 45 minutes long and will be followed by a discussion. The entry is free and unrestricted, everyone is invited. Contact 98807-55875 for any further information.