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ALF is working on several initiatives towards achieving our preambular goals of Justice, Liberty, Equality for all and Fraternity in society. These include:

  • Popularising the Constitution
  • Working with marginalised communities to make them aware of protective legislations and their rights and entitlement
  • Working on crisis interventions
  • Research on workers’ rights, women’s rights, gender and sexuality rights

We believe it is our duty to liberate the law and Constitution from the clutches of advocates and courts and strengthen civil society groups with resources and partake in struggles against casteism, patriarchy, hate speech, workers exploitation and wide-spread discrimination.

If you would like to support this work, one of the ways you can do so, is by donating to us. Read the appeal before to know in detail about our areas of work and how your donation will contribute to supporting us.

You can also choose to donate for a specific fundraising campaign run by ALF.

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Your contribution will help sustain our efforts in providing subsidised legal assistance and initiating and participating in advocacy efforts to realise the imagination of a society based on the tenets of the Constitution.


In compliance with tax regulations, donations from Indian nationals are required to be collected separately. 

If you are an Indian citizen and/or have an Indian passport, please click the following button to securely donate to ALF. 


If you are not an Indian national and are interested to donate to ALF, please write to communications (at)