Course On Defamation

Course Design
Defamation law is guided to a large extent by the core struggle between the right to reputation on one hand, and free expression on the other. The module begins by unpacking multiple understandings of reputation, launching into a history of defamation law, and the elements and defences against charges of defamation. The module goes on to examine how Defamation is used as a tool against free expression before looking into the productive aspects of defamation. The final division throws up the question of what an ideal law of defamation would look like.

Course Design for Defamation

Cases and Documents
Indian Express Newspapers vs. Jagmohan Mundhra, AIR 1985 Bom 229
Sonakka Gopalagowda Shanthaveri vs. U.R. Anantha Murthy and Ors., AIR 1988 Kant 255
Dr. R. Krishnamurthy vs. Sun TV Network Limited, Madras High Court, 19 November 2007

International and Contemporary Defamation Standards
Robert Post, The Social Foundations of Defamation Law: Reputation and the Constitution
S.P. Sathe, Defamation and Public Advocacy
Kamayani Bali Mahabal, A Cheeky Videogame by Greenpeace but Corporate Giant TATA is not amused
Subramaniam Swamy, Defamation Litigation: A Survivor’s Toolkit, The Hindu
Gordon Rayner, How Libel Tourism became an embarrassment to Britain’s reputation, The Telegraph
T.R. Vivek, Bite in the Blog Bark, Outlook
The Trial of Oscar Wilde
What’s in a Name?, The Economic Times

Student Output