Jan 4 | Saturday | Black Day – Protest : Demanding Black board buses across BBMP limits; a monthly Bus Commuters Day to listen to commuters

Dear All,

Despite our repeated demands, and assurances made by BMTC, no steps have been taken to extend Black Board bus services to the whole of BBMP limits. which means that lakhs of commuters continue to pay an irrational amount of Rs. 725/- for a monthly bus pass on Black Board buses, and Rs. 925/- for Red Board buses. For the past five months we have been agitating this issue, however, BMTC has failed to take any action. On Saturday, 4th of January, we will protest against this callous and indifferent attitude of BMTC towards bus passengers. The protest will be held at:

Shivajinagar Bus Stand and Hebbal Bus Stand, 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm, Saturday, 4th of January

We demand that BMTC:

1)Extends Black Board Services to complete BBMP limits
2)Declares one day of every month as ‘ Bus Commuters Day’ , a day when BMTC officials will step put and listen to the voice of ordinary bus passengers from every bus-stand, bus-terminal, TTMC and bus stop.

More details in the pamphlet pasted below and attached (Kannada and English)


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BMTC in its vision statement commits to providing quality, efficient, safe, reliable, integrated, clean and affordable travel and a Commuter responsive service planning and promotion. However, this is not the reality at all.


At a time when the bus fares are sky high, commuters are doubly penalised by the illogical way in which the Black Board-Red Board system is implemented by BMTC. BMTC is supposed to run black board services within the city and Red Board services for the outskirts. While daily ticket rates are the same for both, the rates of monthly passes differ massively – Black Board bus passes cost Rs. 725/ month whereas Red Board passes cost Rs. 925/month. Many areas inside the city like Lingarajapuram, Boopasandra etc. have mostly or only red board buses! This puts an unreasonable burden of at least Rs 200 per person per month on the people in those areas. If there are 4 people in the family who use the bus then it is a monthly cost of Rs 800! When we asked BMTC why this was so, they said it is because they used the old BMP limits (225 sq. km) to decide on red-board / black-board! It has been three years since BBMP, with an area of more than 700 sq.km was formed and one fails to understand why BMTC is still sticking to an old city limit. At a meeting with the BMTC in August 2013 we demanded that BMTC extend black-board jurisdiction to all areas within BBMP Limits. On the 4th of December, 2013 a protest against this unreasonable fare structure was held at Shanthinagar Bus Stand, where the General Manager- BMTC (Traffic) met the protestors and promised to call for a meeting. However, repeated assurances of the BMTC have not been honoured, and the hardship caused to people continues. Is BMTC so insensitive that they cannot see how the common people are suffering? Even five months after this has been brought to their notice why can’t they act?

This problem would not have occurred if BMTC had a proper grievance redressal mechanism or any way to listen to the voice of commuters. BMTC claims they listen to the voice of the commuters and they have a commuters committee for the purpose. Does anyone in the city know of this committee or what it does? Who is on the committee? Do the people in the committee even use the bus? At least if the BMTC held grievance redressal meetings it would help, but the corporation does not do so. We have demanded that BMTC act on this and set up depot level meetings every quarter, but BMTC has not yielded to that demand either.

Today we demand that –
1. Black Board buses routes must cover all of BBMP limits. There must not be a single stop inside BBMP limits which is not accessible by a black board.

2. BMTC must immediately set up a city level commuters committee which includes women, workers, children, sexual minorities, slum resident associations, street vendors, senior citizens and others, who use the bus.

3. BMTC henceforth observe one day a month as ‘Bus Commuters Day’, a day when BMTC will make all efforts to ensure that their officials will come out of the office and listen to people at every bus-stop, every bus-terminal, at every TTMC, at every Bus Depot and in the bus.

Join the Black Day on January 4 for
Black Board buses to all BBMP limits!
For a Bus Commuters day every month!
Join us at Shivajinagar Bus Stand and Hebbal Bus Stand, Saturday, Jan 4, 4.00pm – 5.30 pm

Member Organizations:
Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore Slum Janara Sanghatane, Dalit Bahujan Movement, EQUATIONS, Fedina, Garment and Textile Workers Union, Garments Mahila Karmikara Munnade, Hasiru Usiru, Jhatkaa Jyothi Mahila Sangha, Karnataka Domestic Workers Union, Karnataka Jana Shakti, Karnataka Sexual Minorities Forum, Karnataka Sex Workers Union, maraa, Milana, National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements, New Socialist Alternative, Praja Rajakiya Vedike, Radio Active 90.4, Samvaada, Sadhana Mahila Sangha, Samanatha Mahila Vedike, Samara, Vimochana, Vijayanagar Beedhi Vyaaparigala Sanghatane, World Vision India