Our Team

Profiles of Core Members:

  1. Manavi Atri is a lawyer and researcher at ALF. Her areas of interest include anti-discrimination frameworks pertaining to gender and sexuality and Media Law.
    Email: manavi@altlawforum.org
  2. Mohammed Afeef is a lawyer and researcher at ALF. He graduated from Institute of Law, Nirma University in 2017. His areas of interest include Labour Law, Anti-discrimination law and religion and law.
    Email : afeef@altlawforum.org
  3. Narasimhappa TV is a lawyer and researcher and holds a Master in Social Work from Bangalore University. His focus is on child development, specific to nutrition with the ‘Right to Food’ and ‘Right to Education’. He also works along with Anganwadis, the urban homeless shelter in Bangalore, access to entitlements. He was recently appointed assistant advisor to the Supreme Court of India on the ‘Right to Food’ case.
    Email: narasimha@altlawforum.org
  4. Poorna Ravishankar is a lawyer and researcher, whose focus area of studying has been the Indian Constitution. She also works on advocacy and litigation regarding matters of queer persons, sex workers, domestic violence, family law and women’s rights.
    Email: poorna@altlawforum.org
  5. Usha R. holds a Bachelor degree in Library Science from KSOU. She has been with the organisation since June 2006. She is in charge of the ALF library.
    Email: usha@altlawforum.org
  6. Vinay K. Sreenivasa’s areas of interests include Urban Transport, Urban Poverty, Informal Sector and Urban Governance. He has also been part of initiatives promoting Free and Open Source Software in the government. He holds an engineering degree and was in the IT industry till 2007.
    Email: vinay@altlawforum.org
  7. Aishwarya R. is the Fundraising and Communications Coordinator at ALF.
    Email: aishwarya@altlawforum.org

Governing Board

  1. Arvind Narrain
  2. Madhu Bhushan
  3. Vinay Sreenivasa
  4. Basawa Prasad Kunale
  5. Poorna Ravishankar