Article by Arvind Narrain and Vinay Chandran covering a queer critique on the medicalisation of homosexuality. It's Not My Job To Tell You It's Okay To Be [...]
Article by Lawrence Liang and Siddharth Narrain. First published in Himal in 2009. [...]
The following document is a primer on the Naz Foundation decision by the Delhi High Court in 2009. This primer includes a schematic guide to the decision and commentaries analyzing the judgment and examining the wider [...]

Article by Clifton Rozario examining the excessive focus on the IT industry in Bangalore.

Fact finding report by ALF on death of two workers while performing work of manual scavenging in Hassan on 9th July 2011. Fact Finding Report: Death of Manual Scavenging Workers in [...]
Yet again two unfortunate victims lost their lives to asphyxiation in manholes. This time the 'accident' repeated itself on 11th December 2010, at a manhole near the R.T.O. in Kolar city ending the lives of Shri [...]
Article by Vishwas Devaiah I. Early Patents The earliest form of patents might have existed in the 500 BC in Sybaris, Greece where monopolies were granted to new dishes for a period of one year. Some even contend [...]
An article by Lawrence Liang, Prashanth Iyengar and Jiti Nichani locating the debate on the cultural commons in the Asian context. How Does an Asian Commons [...]
The three sanitary workers (manual scavengers) - Rajanna, Shivu, and Pampanna - died due to asphyxiation when they entered the soak pit of the house belonging to Jayaram at Jayanna to clean it at Karimsaab Layout. This [...]
Article by Lawrence Liang published in Sarai Reader 03 on law and technology. Ghost in the [...]