Policy and Litigation

Srishti (Ad-Anhad) Judgement The recent Delhi High Court judgement upholding the constitutional right to freedom of speech of expression in a case related to the censorship of Ad-Anhad(Bounded-Boundless), a film by [...]
An Overview of Broadcasting Legislation in India. An Overview of Broadcasting Legislation in [...]
Airwaves a s a public good: Review of a landmark [...]
TRAI: Some Recent Guidelines related to Media Law. TRAI: Some Recent Guidelines related to Media [...]
1. Electronic City Pks death electronic city PKs death_0 2. Karimsaab Accident Karimsaab accident_1 3. KR Nagar Report KR Nagar report_0 4. Yellahanka Report yellahanka [...]
Chikkalsandra Construction Workers Chikkalsandra construction workers_0 Hennur Ring Road Accident Hennur Ring Road Accident _1 Narayanpura Camps Narayanpura camps_0 Note on Bannerghata accident Note on [...]
Report on Child Malnutrition by the Committee constituted by the Karnataka High Court in W.P. No. 38157/2011. The report sets out an Action Plan to be implemented by the Government of Karnataka towards tackling child [...]
Report On Child Malnutrition in [...]
The following document is a submission to the Soli Sorabjee Committee set up to reform the Police Act. This submission was made by 39 civil society organizations working in the area of gender, sexuality and rights and [...]
A summary of the 12 days of final arguments before the Delhi High Court in the Naz Foundation case has been provided in the following document. An edited version of this summary has also been included in the primer "The [...]