Lawrence Liang

Speaker: Lawrence Liang The law of sedition transacts in the language of surplus affection and demands of citizens an enforced love for the nation. In this talk I will try to locate the affective life of sedition [...]
One of the hallmarks of absurdity - especially as manifested by government policies - is its ability to confuse our reactions, provoking umbrage when it ought to provoke raucous laughter. The Central Board of Film [...]
Lawrence Liang reflects on the world's love affair with the Smartphone. On a recent trip to Tokyo, I was struck by the number of people travelling on the subway who were glued to their phones and it was difficult [...]
This piece by Lawrence Liang was first published in the Economic and Political Weekly on 22 November 2014. Insights on Film [...]
ALF's Lawrence Liang explores 'ultranationalism' in this article. He questions the confines of its aesthetics and the depth of its political will Ultranationalism: A Proposal for a Quiet Withdrawal by [...]
Subsequent to the private settlement agreement made by Penguin India in February 2014 to withdraw from circulation and to pulp all copies of Wendy Doniger's book, "The Hindus: An Alternative History," Lawrence Liang of [...]
The final in our series of remashing the WIPO comics, this ones looks at the signs around us. Untrademark [...]
A subversive remixing of WIPO's patent comic. Comic on [...]