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Obscenity under the Law: A Review of Significant [...]
ALF's comments on the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting's draft Cinematograph Act 2010. These comments have been endorsed by a number of groups and organisations including Vikalp (Films for Freedom) and the [...]
This set of documents has been put together in the hope that they will help inform the ongoing (if sporadic) public debate on media regulation in India, with particular reference to the broadcast sector. They include a [...]
The following are comments that we have drafted on the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting's proposed Broadcasting Bill and Content Code. The Ministry has invited responses to the proposed Broadcasting Bill [...]
Now Showing The Cinematograph Act, 1952 is an interpretative archive of sound, image, video, newspaper, music, movie clips, art etc. that attempts to look at the law (The Cinematograph Act, 1952) beyond its text. Now [...]
A remix of the Brokeback Mountain trailer set to the Indian context Brokeback Bharat, a campaign film against Sec. 377 of the Indian Penal Code [...]
Sedition Laws and the Death of Free Speech in India: A Publication by the Center for the Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, NLSIU & the Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore (2011). This publication looks at the history [...]
Democracy, Political Dissent, and Repressive Laws: Proceedings of A PUCL-Karnataka Seminar Held on 1 July 2007 in Bangalore. Democracy, Political Dissent, and Repressive [...]
Times of India reports on the service of legal notice to Penguin India for agreeing to destroy all copies of Wendy Doniger's book, "The [...]
Article by Siddharth Narrain on Media Coverage of the Naz Foundation decision by the Delhi High Court. It was first published on Infochange Media. [...]