Intellectual Property

What is copyright? What is copyleft? How can we share culture in a world where everything has a license? Scientists, writers, designers, artists, musicians and others are increasingly interested in making their work [...]
Article by Lawrence Liang first published by Piet Zwart Institute. Introduction The CD Writer as a weapon of mass destruction In the past few years the debate on copyright has taken on gigantic proportions, [...]
This paper examines the link between ideas of personhood and self that underlies western liberal property regimes. It attempts to understand the manner in which thinkers like Locke create a co-terminus between the [...]
A letter and signature campaign against CII's involvement with the Third International Conference on Counterfeiting and Piracy This is with reference to a signature campaign that we are currently undertaking to [...]
IPI Report on India Patent Act [...]
This Times of India editorial piece has been sourced from: Prabhala and Chan editorial in [...]
Table of [...]
Shahani [...]
Other Instances of Unreported Plagiarism by [...]
Manoj Mitta article detailing plagiarism by Mashelkar in 2004: this is a scan of the original print article, which contains a table that makes it easier to read and compare (which is not available on the web [...]