Gender and Sexuality

The following is an open letter signed by a number of academics supporting the Delhi High Court decision in the Naz Foundation Case. University teachers, researchers and academics from all over India issued a strong [...]
Alternative Law Forum was involved in the Naz Foundation decision case by the Delhi High Court, representing Voices against 377. This section contains various documents which are useful signposts leading up to the High [...]
The Fearless Karnataka campaign arose out of attacks on women following the Pink Chaddi Campaign in February 2009. It responded to attacks on women in Bangalore. Fearless Karnataka Press [...]
The horrific sexual assault on a moving bus in Delhi which has shocked the nation has drawn attention to the prevalence of the crime of sexual assault. What has also emerged into the limelight are the huge gaps in the [...]
This module is part of the course on The Illegal Citizen. This module of the course will seek to understand if there is a sexuality underlying the idea of citizenship. Citizenship is normally framed in abstract [...]
A course that examines the relationship between citizenship, participation and illegality. It consists of two modules. 1. Module on Sexual Citizens 2. Module on Claiming the [...]