Gender and Sexuality

Danish Sheikh, Yale Human Rights Journal, The Road to [...]
Article by Siddharth Narrain, first published on Kafila. The Supreme Court’s decision in Suresh Kumar Kaushal & Another v. Naz Foundation & Others is an unprecedented ruling, deciding to turn the clock back to [...]
Article by Danish Sheikh, first published on Kafila. With the ease of a particularly sadistic magic trick, a 98 page document has sent millions of LGBT individuals time-warping back into pre-2009 criminality. If [...]
Article by Siddharth Narrain and Danish Sheikh in the Economic and Political Weekly. Struggling for Reason: Fundamental Rights and the Wrongs of the Supreme [...]
Midnight, 3rd November 2013, the Hassan police barged into the house of X, a sexual minority person, and asked him to accompany them to the police station under the guise of requiring him to provide counselling to a [...]
A remix of the Brokeback Mountain trailer set to the Indian context Brokeback Bharat, a campaign film against Sec. 377 of the Indian Penal Code [...]
A lecture by Supreme Court judge, Justice Sadashivam on the rights of transgender persons. The lecture was for civil judges and delivered on 12 January 2011. Rights of Transgender People- Sensitising Officers to [...]
Article by Lawrence Liang on the Naz Foundation decision comparing it to Roe v. Wade. First published on Kafila. [...]
Article by Siddharth Narrain on Media Coverage of the Naz Foundation decision by the Delhi High Court. It was first published on Infochange Media. [...]
Paper by Arvind Narrain on the emerging right to sexual orientation and gender identity. Introduction During the last decade of the 20th century in India, the hitherto private realm of sexuality emerged as a focal [...]
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