Mashelkar Committee Controversy

IPI Report on India Patent Act [...]
This Times of India editorial piece has been sourced from: Prabhala and Chan editorial in [...]
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Other Instances of Unreported Plagiarism by [...]
Manoj Mitta article detailing plagiarism by Mashelkar in 2004: this is a scan of the original print article, which contains a table that makes it easier to read and compare (which is not available on the web [...]
Introduction to "Intellectual Property and Competitive Strategies in the 21st Century" by S Alikhan and R Mashelkar - including a glowing preface by Kamil Idris, Director General of the World Intellectual Property [...]
Interpat [...]
Editorial piece by Achal Prabhala and Chan Park on Mashelkar Committee report and its links to INTERPAT study. Hindu Editorial on Mashelkar Report and [...]