Broadcasting Law Background Materials

This set of documents has been put together in the hope that they will help inform the ongoing (if sporadic) public debate on media regulation in India, with particular reference to the broadcast sector. They include a backgrounder on media regulation (or the lack thereof), a backgrounder on broadcast legislation, summaries of case law relating to different aspects of media practice, and a round-up of some recent recommendations of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Thanks are due to UNESCO for supporting this initiative.

Broadcast Regulation and Public Interest: A Backgrounder
Broadcasting Laws
A background paper on Broadcasting laws in india
An overview of obscenity laws in India
Political Ads
Political Advertisements on Television and Cable Networks and Relevant Regulation
TRAI Reccomendations
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India: Some Recent Recommendations
Airwaves Judgment in Cricket Association Board Case
A review of the landmark Airwaves judgment by the Supreme Court which declared airwaves to be public property