ALF is looking for a Fundraising and Communications Co-ordinator!

Why we need a Fundraising and Communications Co-ordinator:

ALF’s work is currently predominantly supported by grants. In an effort to be more financially sustainable, we are looking at changing our funding strategy and focus on local, individual donors. We would therefore like to hire a fundraiser and communications coordinator to implement this new funding strategy.

What does the job entail:

Given the context and ALF’s needs, there is a requirement to focus on strengthening as well building an individual donor base as well sustaining ongoing communication platforms. The position of fund raiser and communications coordinator would involve:

  • Research on prospective donors
  • Creating a fund raising strategy that aligns with socio-political context of the organisation
  • Implementing the strategy on agreed platforms, (eg. – crowd funding, personal appeal letters, in person appeals, fundraising events, etc.)
  • Maintain records of donor information
  • Fulfill administrative tasks in terms of receipts, thank you letters and legal compliance for FCRA (in the case of individual non-citizen donors), etc.
  • Evaluate the success of efforts and work with the collective on meeting funding raising targets while monitoring the organisation’s spending and budget lines
  • Maintaining ALFs online platforms and social media
  • Producing and editing ALF’s monthly newsletter, Paryaaya

Work hours:

Full time

Education and Training

A bachelor’s degree in any discipline but with strong communication skills, prior experience in fund raising and organisational skills.

If you are interested, please send in your resume, and a covering letter with your contact details (name, address, email id and phone number), to, by December 1st, 2017.