Talk by Jessica Lynn | Sep 20 | 6 pm

Wednesday, September 20, 2017, at 6:00 PM
ALF invites you to a talk by Jessica Lynn, a post-op, transgender activist from Los Angeles, California. As an advocate for transgender education, she is the president of Your True Gender, an organization dedicated to informing the public on transgender issues.
Over the course of several years now, she has lectured at many venerable institutions, colleges and universities that range from Harvard University to Stanford University, orienting students and faculty to issues of gender inequality and the transgender community. At ALF, Jessica would talk about her transition, sex change, and assorted issues both legal and ethical involving gender identity, seen through her perspective as an inter-sectional advocate.  It would be a great opportunity for the audience who may, often if not always, only have a mystic understanding of transgender people, through buzzwords and political jargon, a rare opportunity to learn from and speak with someone who has the ability to express the emotional, social and legal challenges faced by a transgender woman.
At the heart of her talk is the loss of her son. Railroaded by a Texas Judge with a penchant for bigotry, she lost full parental rights to her young son in a local county custody battle in 2013.  Curtis, her son, was 12.  Twenty-two pages of court-ordered psych evaluations speak to her merits as a loving parent, and every page was thrown out in court by the Judge, who ruled not only to remove her parental rights in full, but to remove her name off her son’s birth certificate.
She is the only parent in U.S. history —a biological parent with a previously active, supportive role in her child’s life— to be removed off of their child’s birth certificate.  Due to the death of her brother soon after the judgment, she missed the limitation date for filing an appeal.  An inquiry by the U.S Department of Justice said her case, would never be reopened, as did a private investigation out of Houston attorney Phyllis Frye’s office, which again found the judgment to be wildly discriminated against her.  Though her experiences are from the U.S., she has the knowledge and depth of scope to tailor her presentation with information relevant to a wide range of participants.
We hope to see many of you coming Wednesday!