What’s Constitutional About Love? I Panel Discussion I Feb 12

What’s Constitutional About Love?
A Panel Discussion: Lawrence Liang, Arvind Narrain and Danish Sheikh 


The Supreme Court of India’s referral of the Naz Foundation Curative Petition to a Constitution Bench marks the first step in the recognition of a grave injustice. It  also inches us closer to the articulation of a right to love. This discussion will explore different components of the right to love, and how love might intersect with questions of justice.  What might a properly political concept of love look like? How could it draw on, and add value to other constitutional rights articulations?
Where do we locate it in the story of the Naz Foundation litigation, and where might we place it in a broader political and philosophical canvas?
Venue: Alternative Law Forum
Time and Date: Friday, 12th February, 7 pm