Thu|16 Jul|6PM| Discussion on Recent Farmer Suicides in Karnataka

In light of the many farmer suicides being reported in Karnataka recently, a discussion will be held on what has prompted these suicides and also what can be done by all of us. 
The government is brushing off its responsibility in the issue and is instead blaming the farmers themselves. However, the policies that the government has undertaken is the real reason for pushing the farmers into dire straits.
Vasu of Karnataka Jana Shakthi, who has been working with various farmers groups on this issue will lead the discussion. Vasu will also share about a massive jatha and the ‘Annada Runa’ campaign that the Karanataka Janashakti is conducting in 750 villages of Mandya from June 22.

Please do attend the discussion at the ALF premises at 6pm on the 16th of July, 2015.
Request your solidarity and support for the issue.