Policy Analysis

Module Design
This semester-long workshop is conducted in the last module of the paper Regulation in Theory in Practice (Semester IV) and builds on the students’ familiarity with policy arrangements in various media sectors, post 1991. It delves deeper into concerns of access, equity and public good which stand central as much to debates on governance as to approaches to policy analysis. In doing so, it is recognised that unravelling successive policy arrangements requires drawing on multiple sources, and not just reading into explicit “Policy” announcements. This module is taught in a workshop format. Students work in a cluster of seven, each tackling a specific sector assigned to them. The academic and evaluative framework for this module may be found here.

Module Design for Policy Analysis

Broadband Policy 2004
Recommendations on National Broadband Plan 2010
National Telecom Policy, 1994
New Telecom Policy, 1999

Policy Analysis
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Telecom Policy
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Broadband Policy
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Student Output
Broadband Policy (Group assignment, Semester 4 – Batch 2010-2012)

Broadband Policy (Group assignment, Semester 4 – Batch 2010-2012)