Mashelkar Committee Controversy

Flowchart Comparing Mashelkar Committee Report and INTERPAT

Flowchart Comparing Mashelkar Committe and INTERPAT

Chapter from Mashelkar


Dutfield Article


Dutfield Mashelkar Comparison

Dutfield Mashelkar

Extract from Spicy IP

Extract from Spicy IP

Hindu Editorial on Mashelkar Report and INTERPAT

Editorial piece by Achal Prabhala and Chan Park on Mashelkar Committee report and its links to INTERPAT study.

Hindu Editorial on Mashelkar Report and INTERPAT


INTERPAT members

[Part of the compilation on the Mashelkar Committee Controversy]

Interpat Members

Introduction to Mashelkar book

Introduction to “Intellectual Property and Competitive Strategies in the 21st Century” by S Alikhan and R Mashelkar – including a glowing preface by Kamil Idris, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

Introduction Mashelkar book

Mitta Article on Plagiarism by Mashelkar

Manoj Mitta article detailing plagiarism by Mashelkar in 2004: this is a scan of the original print article, which contains a table that makes it easier to read and compare (which is not available on the web version). Mitta Article on Plagiarism by Mashelkar