27 – 30 Jan|Gandhi and Communalism

Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike is conducting a poster campaign and a series of talks on Gandhi and Communalism between Jan 27th – Jan 30th in Bangalore, in order to counter the glorification of hatred (Godse etc) and also to re-assert the relevance of Gandhi in today’s communal atmosphere. They have designed a series of posters with Gandhi’s quotes on communalism, which they are displaying at various colleges. If any of you want soft-copies of the posters, in order to organise such an event in your own area/city, please do contact robincj7@gmail.com.


As part of the campaign against Hate Politics remembering Gandhi’s anti-hindutvaism and asserting his ideas of communal harmony, Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike is organising a poster exhibiting of eliciting Gandhi’s take on Communalism from his works Young India and Harijan, also we are also organising discussions in colleges about understanding the present political context and the resurgence of Godse, contemplating the kind of collective people’s resistance that needs to be shaped to combat these fascist forces.

30th January 1948 in history is marked as a black day when Naturam Godse assassinated Gandhi. Godse joined RSS in 1930 and very soon rose to be a bauddhik pracharak (intellectual Propogator), like both Hindu Mahasabha and RSS he was an ardent supporter of Akhand Bharat, an undivided India, comprising of today’s Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar. He states that

“Having worked for the uplift of the Hindus I felt it necessary to take part in political activites of the country for the protection of just rights of Hindus. I therefore left the Sangh (RSS) and joined Hindu Mahasabha” –  ‘Why I Assasinated Mahatma Gandhi’ in 1993 in pg. 102.“I maintain the Mahatma’s contribution was negligible” (pg. 87).

As an ardent Hindutvawadi he was extremely critical of Gandhi’s Ahimsa( non-violence) and his staunch belief in communal harmony which vigorously opposed hindutva per se, the movements led by him, and always thought very lowly of him. Godse uses very peculiar scales to assess Gandhi, “His followers cannot see what is clear even to the blind viz. That were a mere pigmy before Shivaji, Rana Pratap and Guru Govind (pg. 40) and finally about the winning of swaraj and freedom

 He held Mahatma responsible for appeasing Muslims, and thereby the formation of Pakistan. He joined Hindu Mahasabha, at that time the only political party of Hindutva, and became general secretary of its pune Branch. In due course he started a newspaper, as founder editor, called Agrani, its subtitle was Hindu Rashtra. The subtitle of this paper expressed the goal of this paper. Jagan Phadnis in his Book ‘Mahatmyachi Akher (The End of Mahatma) states that Gandhi murder was not on the charges propagated by them (Partition and insistence on paying Pakistan’s dues, 55 crores from the treasury), but due to the basic deep differences with the politics of Gandhi and that of the followers of the Hindu Rashtra. He also recalls that number of attempts made on Gandhi’s life, the last of which, the one by Godse was ‘successful’ in eliminating the ‘thorn in the flesh’ of Hindutva Politics.

With the new government in power, many communal assertions, acts and intimidations are up in the air. It is quite appalling that these acts are being silently appreciated by those in power, as the ones in power have neither reprimanded nor opposed these intolerant godse acolytes with the main reason being that they all products of the same hindutva whose politics is based on the division of oppressed on the basis of communalism, caste, class and gender.

The activists of Akhil Bharatiya Hinsu Mahasabha are all set to build the country’s first temple for murderer of Mahatma Gandhi in Meerut. There are also several from the Hindu Mahasabha offices to install his statues. The Hindu Mahasabha has requested land from the Centre to erect a statue of Godse in the national capital. The BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj recently called Godse as a Nationalist. Also Mr. Vaidya through his books published by RSS distorts facts and claims to dispel the truth.

About us:
Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike or Karnataka Communal Harmony Forum is an organisation formed with an objective of inculcating the values of tolerance and co-existence between various religious communities. It has also committed itself to resist and protest inter – communal clashes, organised and targeted violence. We are not affiliated to any political party as such. But we as a forum are deeply committed to the values of secularism, socialism and democracy – in other words the defining parameters of our constitution.

27th and 28th January 2015 –
St. Josephs Art and Science College, Bangalore 
Poster exhibition on both days.
Interaction with students on 28th January 2015. (Details are yet to be finalised)

27th and 28th January 2015 –
St. Aloysius College, Bangalore
Poster exhibition on both days
Interaction with Students from 1.45pm – 3.00pm on 28th January 2015
Interaction with minority groups from 5.00pm – 6.30pm on 28th January 2015 (Other details will be updated soon)

29th and 30th January 2015
St. Joseph’s Evening College, Bangalore
Poster Exhibition on both days
A talk on “Present Political Scenario and Resurgence of Godse” by Rakesh Sharma on 30th January 2015 from 7pm to 9pm.