23 Jan|Fri|6PM|Rights and Threats : The Future of Street Vending

Vinay Sreenivasa will present on
Rights and Threats : The future of street vending post the enactment of
The Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihoods and Regulation of street Vending) Act, 2014 
 23rd of  January,
Friday at 6 pm.
The Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihoods and Regulation of street Vending) Act, 2014 received Presidential Assent on 4th March 2014. This historic act moves towards making street vending in urban areas the right of every citizen of the country. The act has come about after huge struggles by Street Vendors Unions and collectives across the country. Street Vendors across the country who are routinely subject to harassment by the police and other authorities have a lot of hopes pinned on the legislation to actualise their right to vend, offer them protection from harassment and also a sense of livelihood security.
The act however, has at the same time, the twin objectives of protection of livelihoods and regulation. In seeking to formalise what is largely an informal system, it is to be seen if the act will regulate vending more than protect street vendors and actually end up being counter-productive. The act lays out a broad framework for the objectives of protection of rights and regulation, and leaves much of the implementation of the act to  the rules, the scheme and the street vending plan.  These are to be framed by respective state governments and urban local bodies. This is where the tension between protection of rights and regulation of livelihoods will play out.
The talk will focus on the challenges which might be faced by street vendors in ensuring that the act works in their favour and not further erode their livelihood security.
About the speaker:
Vinay Sreenivasa works with the Alternative Law forum. He is also associated with the Bruhat Bengaluru Beedhi Vyaapari Sanghtanegala Okkoota (Federation of Street Vendor Unions of Bangalore) and has been supporting street vendors unions and collectives in Bangalore in their various campaigns.