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ALF is a space that integrates alternative lawyering with critical research, alternative dispute resolution, pedagogic interventions and more generally maintaining sustained legal interventions in various social issues.

Reports and Updates
Intellectual Property
Dear all, You are invited for the screening of the movie 'Internet's Own Boy' at 2.00pm tomorrow (21st September, 2014) being hosted by People's Union for Civil Liberties, Free Software Movement, Karnataka, and [...]
Gender and Sexuality
Gender and
Criminal defense & civil rights attorney Seema Iyer discusses India’s intolerance toward homosexuality with lawyer and LGBT activist Danish Sheikh in Bangalore, India. [...]
Law, Media, and Culture
Law, media and
This article written by Smarika Kumar was first published on Kafila. TRAI published a set of recommendations on issues relating to media ownership on 12 August 2014. A summary of the key points of these [...]
The Alternative Law Forum invites you to a talk titled 'Trees, Culture and Public Space' looking specifically at the 'Ashwathkatte ' - the raised platform around the peepul tree, found in several parts of the city and [...]
Family Law / Domestic Violence
Family Law /
Domestic Violence
The Karnataka Government recently revised the quantum of compensation in its Victim Compensation Scheme, 2011. Here is a copy of the revised scheme, which includes compensation for victims of rape and sexual [...]