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ALF is a space that integrates alternative lawyering with critical research, alternative dispute resolution, pedagogic interventions and more generally maintaining sustained legal interventions in various social issues.

Reports and Updates
Intellectual Property
This piece by Lawrence Liang was first published in the Economic and Political Weekly on 22 November 2014. Insights on Film [...]
Gender and Sexuality
Gender and
International Women's Day Come, walk with us... To light a torch of peace in the darkness of violence To sow the seeds of love and weed out the roots of hate To sing the rain-song of compassion in the barrenness of [...]
Law, Media, and Culture
Law, media and
The following article by Smarika Kumar was first published in The Hoot. Last week, India became the sixth country to see the launch of, the outcome of a Facebook tie-up with Anil Ambani’s Reliance [...]
Karnataka Sex Workers Union (KSWU) and Sangama invites you for a discussion among human rights activists On ‘Sex Work, Decriminalization and Labour Rights’ On 5th of March (Thursday), from 12 noon to 2 PM At [...]
Neralu 2015 is here and is more exciting this year. The festival opens at Doddamavalli Katte on 7th of February at 7:30 AM.  Talks, workshops and performances happen at National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) on the 7th [...]
Family Law / Domestic Violence
Family Law /
Domestic Violence
This conference, hosted by the Alternative Law Forum in December 2014, sought to bring together people from across disciplines to highlight gaps in the law’s present thinking on the experience of discrimination. The [...]
Over the last few days, there has been considerable discussion of the controversial use by the BJP of the original, unamended Preamble to the Constitution of India in an advertisement campaign.  See, for instance, [...]