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ALF is a space that integrates alternative lawyering with critical research, alternative dispute resolution, pedagogic interventions and more generally maintaining sustained legal interventions in various social issues.
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Reports and Updates
Intellectual Property
The State of Karnataka has amended the Goonda Act to bring "habitual offenders" concerning cybercrimes and copyright under the legislation. The Goonda Act is an extremely regressive piece of legislation stemming from [...]
Gender and Sexuality
Gender and
The Union Government has asked the Supreme Court for clarification on its judgment pronounced earlier this year in NLSA v. UOI, which has been reported here. Following is the text of the Government application: [...]
Law, Media, and Culture
Law, media and
This article written by Smarika Kumar was first published on Kafila. TRAI published a set of recommendations on issues relating to media ownership on 12 August 2014. A summary of the key points of these [...]
The following attachments are scans of copy of civil court order for street venders in Udaipur (Rajasthan) and also file of court decision (stay in favour of vendors). This order can be further used for court appeals [...]
Dear all, Some friends and members from ALF, Pedestrian Pictures and other groups and individuals/students had come together to form this Karnataka for Kashmir Forum in 2009 to look at several issues pertaining to [...]